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God brings people together to serve His purpose. Sometimes, we as human beings, fail in this purpose and sometimes we follow faithfully. Here at FBC Anadarko, our desire is to follow Jesus with our whole hearts, even though we often fail. This is the truth of who we are. God has brought us together to worship Him, edify one another & meet the needs of a world that does not know or believe the truth of the Gospel. We invite you to join with us in this journey. God's word leads all we do and His mercy and grace keep our hearts tender. Follow the Spirit of God when you plant your lives into a local church and whole-heartedly serve wherever He leads you.



The simple message of the Gospel changes lives and redirects hearts.

God’s purpose will be served in all we have experienced.

It is His love that unites us and makes us family. 

Though we often stumble, His grace welcomes us back and extends his forgiveness. 

God did not create anyone to be a spectator, ministry is for all.

All we do is to please Him and bring glory to His name.


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