Coronavirus Update



Anadarko FBC will work to continue to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our world during this time of constant change and separation due to the threat of illness. We encourage anyone and everyone to take part in the following:

  • Everyone is encouraged to pray as you go through the day. We must not ever take for granted the power and privilege we have in the ability to seek, plead to and worship God in prayer. God hears our prayers. If you have prayer requests, please call or text them to us. We will get these to our prayer groups.
  • Due to the requested separation of people, we will not be gathering for any Sunday or Wednesday services. We will be livestreaming our Sunday morning services for the rest of March and will re-evaluate the situation after that. It is highly likely the need to “Social Distance” may continue well past that but we will make decisions as needed. The services will begin at 11:00am each Sunday. You can find them on Facebook or here on our website. If you need assistance in doing the livestream, call the church at 247-6629 and we will assist you.
  • I will also be doing a quick devotion on Facebook Live called, “Take a Minute” four to five times per week.
  • It is very important we stay as connected as a church during this time and ministers, deacons and Sunday School teachers will be leading out in these efforts. Please know, the sense of community is so important to individuals as well as the church and we will work to continue that.
  • If you need help, someone to run errands or do shopping for you, please call the church and we have volunteers who will safely assist you. If you would like to be a volunteer for this program, please call and let us know.
  • As always, giving is vitally important to the ministry of any church. Not being able to assemble will make that difficult during this time. Therefore, we are giving three options: drop your gift by the church office during working hours, mail it to 700 West Petree, Anadarko OK 73005, or we have added digital giving through PayPal. A link will be located on our church website if you would like to give in this way.
  • Remain faithful and diligent in your daily walk with God. You probably have more time on your hands than you are used to and it is vitally important to include Him in that new portion of your day. If you have a family at home, spend time together reading and praying. This is a wonderful time to teach your children the importance of a walk with God. Especially without the biweekly gatherings of His people.
  • God's purpose will be done during this time and may we as His church work to both know and do this purpose.

Worship With Us!


God knows, sees, hears and cares about His people.

God’s love binds us and the Gospel unites us. 

We are members not because we are good but because we are sinners in need of God. 

Every member is in the ministry of making disciples.

God’s glory is our ultimate goal.

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Deacons of the Week

The deacons and the staff of the church are here to help you in any way they can with a need or decision/question about your walk with God.

To have a deacon contact you please email us.
The deacons of the week for April 5- April 11 are Philip Melton and Gary Kenedy.

Or you can call a staff member:
Pastor Lynn Bellamy 405-664-1507
Youth Pastor Jason Brower 405-664-1593